We were founded in 2012.

Our 5,000 sq. ft. kitchen, headquartered in National City, is equipped with walk-in coolers and freezers. All production is maintained under HACCP guidelines to ensure safe, clean, trustworthy food production. Our kitchen team includes three certified food managers – if you operate a school cafeteria, our team can certify your staff as food handlers. That's how good we are!

We serve a range of clients...

Kitchen Manager Eric Light's menu incorporates traditional favorites combined with local dishes that evoke the essence of San Diego's culinary culture. Additionally, when working with school and senior programs, each potential dish undergoes review and certification by our in-house registered dietician, to ensure the needs of clients are met by delicious, nutritious, and locally prepared meals.


...and fulfill a range of needs.

Changing demographics and unique dietary needs can challenge the most experienced food service operations – but our flexible production process is trained to effectively meet those challenges. Working closely with certified nutritional staff, we can prepare meals that satisfy a range of dietary or cultural needs.

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For a quick look at what we do, check out our President & CEO Gerald McFadden and Former Executive Chef Chris Gardner on KUSI's Good Morning San Diego:

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