Parents at San Diego charter schools, rejoice!

If your school contracts with VOA Meals, your days of scrambling to make lunches for kids or digging around for loose change in the morning are over. With our system, you just 1) log in, 2) select meals for your kids, 3) print a confirmation after making payment, and...

That's it. You're done! 

Our online system is backed by responsive customer service. When you contact us, we answer your phone calls and emails promptly to ensure you get fast answers to questions. It's just one reason we've built long-lasting relationships with parents and schools. Contact us with questions, or click below to order!


Meal Choice!

We offer fresh hot and cold meal options for children and staff. Our menu varies throughout the seasons and offers different selections daily along with a weekly special, meaning there's always something your child wants.


Nutritional Balance!

We deliver healthy, balanced meals. Our produce is locally sourced to bring the freshest ingredients to your child. Chef Gardner creates a menu of simple delicious meals appealing to children of all ages.


Online Convenience!

Our longstanding partnership with means you can order lunch for your kids in minutes! Our online system provides a simple, flexible process that makes life easier for parents at San Diego charter schools. :-)

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up?

SIgn up by visiting

  • Enter the school code (provided by your school).

  • Enter the student's name.

  • Enter the credit card information. It's that simple!


Is my credit card information safe?

All credit card information is securely processed by and never shared.


How do I order?

Simply use the calendar to select the days your child needs lunch!


When do I need to order by?

Order by 6:00 p.m. the day before (or months in advance, if you like to plan ahead).


What if I forget to order?

Just phone your school and they’ll provide an emergency meal through us. :-)


I cancelled a couple of days. What happens now?

Don't worry, a credit will appear on your account for future use!


How do I know what’s being served for lunch?

Hit the Menu button and you’ll see each month’s meal plan.


I have more questions!

Don't hesitate to contact us!